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October, 2022
The Big Find -
The Big Reveal

September, 2022
Fall Shows 2022

May 5, 2021
Shows for 2021

November 18, 2020
Visual Arts Center of Richmond
Craft + Design Online

October 28, 2020
Visit the Online
Philadelphia Craft Show

October 1, 2020
The Smithsonian Craft Show
is online in 2020

April 20, 2017
The Smithsonian Craft Show

April 1, 2017
Town & Country Magazine
showcases Zeh Baskets

January 1, 2017
Rooted, Revived, Reinvented:
Basketry in America

April 24, 2014
Nantucket Basket
Museum Exhibit

April 2, 2014
The Smithsonian Craft Show

November 6, 2013
First Place Fiber Art 2013
Philadelphia Craft Show

September 1, 2013
A Measure of the Earth
The Cole-Ware Collection
of American Baskets

May 1, 2013
Martha Stewart
Video of Zeh Baskets

April 18, 2013
Martha Stewart Living
Features Zeh Baskets

April 1, 2013 Spring Shows

January 31, 2013
Spring Shows

March 7, 2012
Spring & Summer Shows

September 9, 2011
Fall Shows

May 22, 2011
Summer Shows

February 22, 2011
Spring Shows

October 24, 2010
Holiday Shows

October 1, 2010
October Shows

August 31, 2010
Martha Stewart's visit to
Maine Crafts Guild Show
in Bar Harbor

August 22, 2010
Atlantic Oceanside
Fine Crafts Show

July 19, 2010
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

June 14, 2010
American Crafts Festival

June 4, 2010
Jersey Shore Fine Arts Festival

May 24, 2010
Montauk Fine Arts Festival

May 17, 2010
Nassau County Museum of Art

May 1, 2010
Worcester Center for Craft

April 22, 2010
New Website for
Tammy's Jewelry

April 19, 2010
Art City Austin

April 19, 2010
Traditional Design Award

April 12, 2010
Fiesta Arts Festival
San Antonio

April 11, 2010
Juror's Award
Ft. Worth Main St.

April 7, 2010
Ft. Worth Main St.

February 26, 2010
Spring Shows in Texas

November 12, 2009
Tammy's Bracelets

November 10, 2009
Holiday Shows 2009

July 5, 2009
Market Basket, Quilt Basket,
& Carriers

June 10, 2009
Summer Shows 2009

June 10, 2009
Garden Baskets

November 25, 2008
Serving Baskets

Swing Handle Apple Baskets

September 29, 2008
Sweetgrass Flower Tray
with dried flowers

September 24, 2008
Sweetgrass Trays
& Quadrifoil

Martha Stewart's
blog features her
Stephen Zeh Maine

September 5, 2008
Fishing Creel

August 23, 2008

August 20, 2008
Covered Baskets

August 20, 2008
Nesting Sets
of Swing Handle Baskets

August 15, 2008
Maine Packbaskets

August 13, 2008
Small Collectible Baskets

Art Fair Award

Miniature baskets


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The Big Find - The Big Reveal

Tammy and I are honored to be one of 12 artists selected to create a piece for the Maine Mineral Museum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Big Find - the largest single find of gem tourmaline in the United States.

After a year of design and hand fabrication we finished our piece last week. Its first showing will be at the "The Big Reveal" on Saturday October 8th, at Sunday River's Grand Summit Hotel in Newry, Maine.

Big Reveal article reprinted from Bethel Living Magazine

Big Reveal information at the Maine Mineral Museum website

Fall Shows 2022

We would enjoy seeing you at one of our shows.

Visit our events page to see where we will be and keep up to date. --Events--

Video courtesy of Martha Stewart

Philadelphia Craft Show Online

November 6 - 8, 2020

Virtual Preview - November 5

The Philadelphia Musuem of Art is presenting the Philadelphia Craft Show Online.

Click here to Visit our Artist Page at the Show

Online Smithsonian Craft Show

October 13 - 25, 2020

Hosted by Bidsquare Auction site, the Smithsonian Craft Show is online this October for two weeks only.

Town & Country Magazine showcases Zeh Baskets

The April 2017 issue of Town & Country Magazine features Stephen Zeh nesting swing handle baskets, serving baskets, and trays in a piece titled Love Handles: the Charm of Functional Decor.

Rooted, Revived, Reinvented:
Basketry in America

A traveling exhibition and catalog 2017 - 2020

A important exhibition chronicling the history of American basketry from its origins to its presence within the contemporary fine art world.

It is now at the Museum of Art and Archeaology, University of Missouri, January 28 - May 14, 2017. It will then travel to seven additional venues in the United States through 2020.

21st Century Basketry
Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

A celebration of innovation and creativity in basketmaking showcasing the cutting edge work of contemporary artists.

21st Century Basketry broadens the horizons of the Lighship Basket Museum to include the work of contemporary basket makers who have made significant contributions to the field of basketry outside of the lightship basket tradition. These artist's baskets are exhibited in museums across the country. They are featured as a new addition to the 2014 exhibit.

Stephen Zeh Baskets featured in the exhibit are the Feather Basket and Quadrifoil Basket handcrafted in brown ash, and the Fruit Basket Necklace and Maine Potato Basket Necklace in 18k & 22k gold.

The exhibit will run from April 24, 2014 through October 11, 2014.

For more information visit

National Award for Excellence in Fiber Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

The Adrianna Farrelli Prize for Excellence in Fiber Art was awarded to Stephen Zeh at the 2013 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. The award, presented Wednesday evening at the gala opening night preview reception, was selected by the jurors for superior craftsmanship and design in the use of interwoven materials.

A Measure of the Earth: The Cole-Ware Collection of American Baskets

One of the leading public collections of American baskets will open in exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution Museum of American Art's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D. C. on October 4, 2013.

105 baskets made by sixty-three basketmakers will be on display. The baskets are almost entirely made of undyed native materials - grasses, trees, vines, and bark which the makers have gathered themselves.

This impressive collection of baskets was was put together by Steven R. Cole and Martha G. Ware. Most of the works were purchased directly from the basketmakers.

A Stephen Zeh Swing Handle Apple Basket is part of the Cole-Ware collection donated to the museum. At noon on October 4, 2013 an opening talk by the curator, Nicholas Bell, will be followed by an open house with the artists.

The exibit will run until December 8, 2013.

Information about the exhibition is at:

A catalog of the exhibition is avaialable here

Martha Stewart Living Features Stephen Zeh Baskets

The May 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living features the Nesting Set of Seven Swing Handle Baskets by Stephen Zeh.

Spring & Summer Shows 2013

In April we will have our work at the Smithsonian Craft Show in the National Building Museum.

In May we will be at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York, The Northern Virginia Arts Festival in Reston, Virgina, and at Paradise City in Northampton, Massachuesetts.

Tammy and I look forward to seeing you at one of the shows.

For dates, locations, and links to the show websites
please visit our show page.

Stephen Zeh Baskets on website

Stephen Zeh's work is featured on the website The article is by Mark Robinson, an English designer who started On Mark's writes about craft and design. To see the article follow this link to

Fall and Holiday Shows 2011

In September Tammy and I will be showing our work at the Fall edition of Crafts at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York.

Then we will be back in Maine for our 30th year at the Common Gound Fair. I will have a demonstration for basketmaking set up at the Folk Arts Tent, but new for this year, our our main booth will be at the Crafts Tent.

October will be our first showing at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

We will be showing in Richmond, Virginia in November at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond Craft + Design Show.

In December our last show in 2011 will be the Washington Craft show in Washington D.C. at the Washington Convention Center.

Summer Shows 2011

In July we will be at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. This will be our twentieth year showing in Ann Arbor. And we will be showing at the Mount Desert Island Craft Show in Maine.

In August our shows will be in Maine. The first is the Northeast Harbor Invitational Show. Next is the Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Boat Show in Rockland at Harbor Park. Then we show in Bar Harbor at the Atlantic Oaks for the Bar Harbor Craft Show.

Spring Shows 2011

In March we will be showing our work in Atlanta, Georgia, Marlborough, Massachusetts, and Houston, Texas.

In April we will be in Austin, Texas for Art City Austin, The Fiesta Art Fair at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas, and at Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York.

Holiday Shows 2010

In November Tammy and I will be showing at the Maine State Musuem show in Augusta, Maine. This show is one of a series of shows put on by the Maine Crafts Guild.

Later in the month we will be in Washington D. C. for the Washington Craft Show and in then in Worcester, Massachusetts for the show at the Worcester Craft Center.

In December we will be in Morristown, New Jersey for the holiday show at the Armory.

October Shows 2010

We will be showing at the Portland Fine Crafts Show in Portland, Maine, The Paradise City Fine and Functional Art Show in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the Westchester Crafts Show in White Plains, New York in October.

Tammy and I will be showing our baskets hand crafted in the tradition of the Maine woodsmen, Shakers and Native American basketmakers.

And we will be showing our hand crafted jewelry - bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings, in gold, silver, and copper.

Martha Stewart's visit to the Bar Harbor Fine Crafts Show

Martha Stewart visited the Maine Crafts Guild show in Bar Harbor this past weekend. She took many photos of the artists and their work and featured them on her blog. You can see them at The Martha Blog. Many fine craft artists are featured. If you click through the pictures you will see some of our work too.

Bar Harbor Fine Crafts Show at Atlantic Oceanside   August 27, 28, & 29, 2010

The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair   July 21, 22, 23, & 24, 2010

Join us at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our booth number is #A265

Tammy and I hope you can stop by and see our work in gold, silver, and copper, and our hand crafted Maine brown ash baskets.

American Crafts Festival   June 19 & 20, 2010

The American Crafts Festival at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Our booth number is #253

Jersey Shore Fine Arts Festival   June 12 & 13, 2010

The Jersey Shore Fine Arts Festival will be Saturday, June 12 and Sunday June 13, 2010 on Long Beach Island at Ship Bottom, New Jersey. Our booth is number 45.

Montauk Fine Arts Festival

This coming weekend May 29 & 30 we will be in Montauk, on Long Island, New York.

Nassau County Museum of Art Spring Crafts & Fine Art Fair

Worcester Center for Craft - May Fair - May 14, 15, & 16

We will be showing our baskets and hand woven jewelry at the Worcester Center for Craft May 14, 15, & 16. Our booth is #73.

New Website for Tammy's Hand Woven Bracelets, Rings, & Earrings

Tammy has a new website for her hand woven bracelets, earrings, and rings in gold, silver, & copper. These pieces are very popular. They can be ordered by email or calling her at 207-778-2351.

Art City Austin

We will be showing our hand woven jewelry at the Art City Austin (the Austin Fine Arts Festival) this coming weekend April 24 & 25. Our booth number is #409. Stop by and see our work if you are in the Austin area. We would enjoy seeing you at the show.

Traditional Design Award

At the Fiesta Arts Festival in San Antonio Stephen and Tamberlaine Zeh won the Award for Best Traditional Design.

Fiesta Arts Fair

We will be showing our baskets and jewelry at the Fiesta Arts Fair in San Antonio this coming weekend April 17 & 18. We will be at booth #9. Tammy and I hope you can join us.

Stephen Zeh Baskets receive Juror's Award at Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival

We were honored to receive the Juror's Award at the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival this past weekend.

Main St Fort Worth Arts Festival

The Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival, April 8, 9, 10, & 11

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend we would enjoy having you stop by our booth. It is booth #420 near Sundance Square.

Texas Art Shows - Spring 2010

We will in Texas for three shows this spring. The end of March we will be in Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival. In April we will show at the Fiesta Art Fair in San Antonio and at Art City Austin.

If you are in Texas or are traveling there Tammy and I would enjoy seeing you at one of the shows.

Tammy's Braclets

These bracelets are woven in gold-filled, sterling, copper, and 18k gold. She also weaves them in a combination of all three metals interwoven together.

Holiday Shows 2009

We will be showing hand crafted baskets and jewelry at ArtFull Gifts at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine, and at the Worcester Center for Crafts Holiday Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts in November.

Tammy and I look forward to seeing you at one of the shows.

If you can't make it to one of our shows please call or send a note if you would like to place an order for an extra special Christmas gift.

Market Basket, Quilt Basket, & Carriers

Four rectangular baskets in different styles. The Open Carrier is one of Tammy's favorite baskets for carrying everything - lunch, magazine, purse. She uses the Quilt basket for pieces of material for her quilting projets. The Swing Handle Market basket is just right for summer farmer's markets. And the Oval Carrier is a lighter easy to carry basket for the garden, market, or for display.

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

We are getting ready for the Ann Arbor Art Fair July 15 - 18. We are in the original juried Street Art Fair in the area surrounding the Carillon Tower at booth A269. This is the fiftieth year of the show. We have been showing there since 1991. Stop by and visit our display if you are in the area.

Garden Baskets

These are the original designs I made when I first started more than thirty years ago. Tammy and I have used these baskets for many years in our gardens and in our home.

Shows - 2009
July - Ann Arbor Art Fair
August - Maine Shows

In July we will be at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. In August we will show our hand crafted baskets and jewelry pieces at several shows in Maine. You are invited to join us. Tammy and I would enjoy seeing you.

Serving Baskets - Bread Basket, Muffin Basket,
Tea Basket, French Bread Basket,
Italian Breadstick Basket, & Cracker Basket

Nothing makes a table setting better than a hand crafted basket. Each of the serving baskets has a unique design, from traditional square bottom to round top of the bread basket to the vessel form of the French bread basket. These baskets are works of art that can be enjoyed every day.

Swing Handle Apple Baskets

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here on our small farm in the western mountains of Maine. Apples and pears are ready to harvest, the gardens are bearing their late crops of silver queen corn, Brussels sprouts, leeks, and kale. It is time to cut and split firewood for the cold winter ahead. All amidst fall colors ablaze on the hills and valleys. It is a beautiful yet tough place to make a living. Our baskets get put to the test during this busy harvest season.

Sweetgrass Trays

These rectangular tray baskets take their name from the sweetgrass lashed into the rims and protective footer of the basket. They are perfect for flowers and herbs, letter writing, serving bread, rolls, and pastries, to display garden and orchard bounty, or just to enjoy a beautiful basket.


The weave of this basket is reminiscent of Gothic arches and was used in of some of the finest baskets made by the Shakers. It is a challenging weave that takes far more time that it looks. I designed this piece to highlight the complex weave and the beauty of the brown ash. It is beautiful on a wall or displayed on a table.

Common Ground Country Fair

Tammy and I enjoyed showing our baskets and visiting with many friends and collectors at The Common Ground Fair this past weekend. I brought along a brown ash log and many of the tools I use for making the baskets. It was nice to see so much interest in the baskets and how they were made in the old way.

Fishing Creel

A prized centerpiece of an outdoor collection brings memories of days on clear running streams and mountain ponds. The Trout Creel is a limited edition and is signed, numbered, and dated.


For town and country or an evening out a Zeh purse combines style, craftsmanship, and functional practicality. Three Stephen Zeh purse designs now have pages on the web site, the Maine Packbasket Purse, the Trout Creel Purse, and the Swing Handle Acorn Evening purse.

Covered Baskets

A trio of exquisite finely woven covered baskets. They are the Feather Basket, Covered Swing Handle Basket, and the Sewing Basket. The Sewing Basket is a limited edition of five.

Nesting Swing Handle Baskets

These are the signature Stephen Zeh baskets, finely woven, with bent loop swing handles and kickup bottoms. There are Nesting Sets of Three, Five, and Seven.

Maine Packbaskets

I recently put up pages showing the Maine Packbaskets. They are made with hand carved handles, rims and runners. The leather work is English bridle leather, handsewn with Irish linen thread. They are new to the website, but I have been making them and developing the design for thirty years.

Martha Stewart Features Zeh Packbasket

Martha Stewart took a pack basket I made for her to a camping retreat for her sales staff last weekend. She is showing it off on her blog today. It looks great. Thanks Martha!

Stephen Zeh Baskets win award at Ann Arbor Art Fair

We were honored to receive the 2008 Award for Superior Excellence and Originality for our baskets at the prestigious Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. This was our 18th year showing there.

Articles about Stephen Zeh Baskets

New this week are articles that have appeared about Stephen Zeh baskets in magazines. The magazines include Maine Home + Design, Down East, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, and Woodshop News.

Miniature Baskets

New pages showing nine miniature Stephen Zeh baskets hand crafted in brown ash are now available for viewing. I hope you enjoy them. These are tiny baskets in a one inch scale and are highly collectible. I also hand craft cabinets with dovetail and mortise & tenon joinery to display collections of the miniatures and other fine collectible pieces.

Thank you for stopping by our web site. If you enjoy it, let us know. Send an email to us at Tammy and I look forward to hearing from you.

The Big Reveal
The Big Reveal

Acorn Basket in 22k & 18k gold, Knitting Basket, Acorn Basket

Packbasket Buckle hand forged in silver
Forged silver buckles. Zeh packbasket on display at Rooted, Reinvented, Revived.

Virtual Online Smithsonian Craft Show

Town & Country Magazine features Zeh swing handle and serving baskets
Town & Country Magazine featuring Zeh Baskets

Nesting Swing Handle Baskets featured in Martha Stewart Living
Stephen Zeh Hand-Woven Baskets
Martha Stewart Living
May 2013

Smithsonian Craft Show 2013 The Smithsonian Craft show

Swing Handle Apple Basket
Swing Handle Apple Basket
Cole-Ware Collection
Renwick Gallery

Smithsonian Craft Show 2013

Packbasket Purse with flowers at a show
Packbasket Purse

Stephen harvesting a brown ash log for baskets
Harvesting the wood for baskets

Tammy at the Mount Desert Island Craft Show
Tammy at the Mount Desert Island Craft Show

Quilt Basket - hand crafted by Stephen Zeh
Quilt Basket

Garden Basket - hand crafted by Stephen Zeh
Garden Basket


Sweetgrass Flower Tray with peonies handwoven of brown or black ash and sweet grass by Stephen Zeh Basketmaker of Temple, Maine.
Sweetgrass Flower Tray

Miniature Swing Handle Basket in 22 & 18k gold - hand woven jewelry from Maine in gold and silver by Stephen Zeh
Miniature Swing Handle Basket
in 22k & 18k gold

Tea Basket and Bread Basket. Hand crafted of brown / black ash by Stephen Zeh, Maine basket maker.
Tea Basket & Bread Basket

Tammy Zeh harvesting apples.
Tammy Zeh in the apple orchard

Fishing Creel handcrafted of Maine brown ash and leather by Stephen Zeh
Trout Creel

Tammy Zeh with Maine Packbasket Purse
Tammy with packbasket purse

Sewing Basket with Quadrifoil tray
Sewing Basket

Nesting Set of Seven Swing Handle Baskets
Nesting Set of Seven

Maine Packbasket by Stephen Zeh
Maine Packbasket

An Award for Originality and Excellence in the  49th Annual Art Fair
Ann Arbor Art Fair Award

Stephen Zeh demonstrating basketmaking
Showing how to make basket splint

Stephen Zeh article in Down East magazine The Zen of Zeh

Miniature Italian Breadstick Basket
Mini Breadstick Basket