Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker

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Nesting Baskets

Nesting Swing Handle Baskets

Diminishing scale, exquisite proportion, and fine detail are hallmarks of the signature Stephen Zeh Nesting Swing Handle Baskets.

They are made in the traditional manner, using the tools and methods of the Maine woodsmen, Shakers, and Native American basketmakers.

The swing handles are carefully carved and formed into an exceedingly tight smooth bend. Only one in a thousand brown ash has the superior flexibility to make this handle.

Thirty-two shaped uprights form the structure of each basket. The beveled edges reflect light on the curved radiating verticals.

The conical "kickup" bottoms are finely woven, adding surprise and beauty when looking inside the basket. It is based on traditional design, the purpose of which is to distribute the weight of the contents to the sides , preventing crushing of delicate items.

Each Nesting Set of Swing Handle Baskets is hand-crafted of brown ash splint from one tree. Trees with the range of size layers required to make a nest are very hard to find.

These are beautiful and highly collectable baskets yet at the same time they are built strong enough for use and are a joy to use for harvesting fruits or eggs. Their smooth interiors make them wonderful for storing and displaying yarns and fabrics.