Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker


Open Carrier

This rectangular basket is just right for carrying. It is one of Tammy's favorites. She puts her lunch in it, a magazine, purse, and many other items and takes it with her wherever she goes.

The narrow deep shape hugs close to the body so it will carry well.

It has carved runners on the bottom which protect it. The cross lashing holds the runners firmly in place and makes a nice design on the bottom.

Swing Handle Oval Carrier

Mirroring the two swing handles, the Oval Carrier's rims form a graceful arc. As the sides curve gently to the "feet", the double-wrapped rims frame a series of square "windows" in the rectangular bottom weave.

Almost hidden in its lightness and beauty are its strength and practical design. The hand-carved handles meet in a curved pyramid for stability and the narrow shape keeps the basket close to the body, just right for carrying.

Curved slightly upward, the bottom allows air to flow, keeping fruits or vegetables fresh. Inside, the smooth hand-scraped finish makes this basket perfect for yarns and fabrics.

Quilt Basket

Fine craftsmanship and clean lines give singular beauty to this exquisite carrier.

Large and lightweight, it is designed to store, carry, and display quilt pieces, textiles, and fibers. All by itself it is a beautiful piece to display.

Swing Handle Market Basket

A functional beauty, the Swing Handle Market Basket is as at home at the farmer's market as it is in the living room.

The rectangular shape, ever so slightly flared, has a hint of Shaker and Passamaquoddy work-basket styling, created with the signature Zeh Basket craftsmanship.

Smooth as polished stone, the swinging handles invite touching and carrying. The bent loop swing handles pivot on four bent loop ears.

Brown ash runners, which protect and strengthen the bottom of the basket, are fastened to the protective inner slats with attractive oval-head copper rivets.