Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker

Trout Creel

A prized centerpiece of outdoor collections, this expertly handcrafted fishing creel brings memories of fine days stalking trout on clear running streams, and fishing high mountain ponds. The Trout Creel is limited edition and is signed, dated, and numbered.

It is hand crafted of Maine brown ash, English bridle leather, shearling, copper, brass, and Irish linen thread.

The splint is pounded brown ash prepared using the methods of the Maine woodsmen, Shakers, and Native American basketmakers.

They are made in the same way the antique baskets were made, with a time intensive process that precisely follows the grain of the brown ash. This preserves the natural strength and durability of the wood making the basket very strong yet light weight.

The handles and rims are hand split and carved of brown ash for strength. The rims are securely fastened with cut copper clench nails.

Ash runners protect the bottom from wear

The leather work is English bridle leather and is hand sewn throughout with Irish linen thread. Shearling shoulder pads provide comfort and are warm in winter, cool in the summer heat.

All buckles are solid brass.