Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker

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Handcrafted Purses

Designed and handcrafted in the award winning style of the Maine Packbasket and Trout Creel the Maine Packbasket purse and Trout Creel Purse have the warm look of beautiful brown ash weaving, bark-tanned English bridle leather, and solid brass.

The leather is handsewn throughout with Irish linen thread. With use it will obtain a beautiful rich, warm glow.

Inside, the purses are lined with soft water buffalo leather. They have five pockets and a deep, open interior.

The Packbasket purse has carry straps have a shearling pad and are convertible - the purse can be worn by the side, or for a more sporty look, over the shoulder.

The Swing Handle Acorn Purse is based on the Acorn Basket with a swing handle. The Acorn Purse is hand woven of very fine brown ash splint. It is small and light, just large enough to hold a pair of glasses, handkerchief, and credit card.