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Serving Baskets

Serving Baskets

A sunlit window. Frosty mornings. A cup of coffee and fresh baked bread cradled in a hand woven Maine basket.

Nothing complements a table setting better than a handcrafted basket.

The serving baskets are hand woven of brown ash using the traditional methods of the Maine basket makers: the Shakers, Maine woodsmen, and Native American basketmakers. The splint is hand-scraped to provide a wonderful look and feel. With time this creates a beautiful warm patina.

Each of the serving baskets has a unique design, from traditional square bottom to round top of the bread basket to the vessel form of the French bread basket.

Not only to use, these baskets are works of art that can be enjoyed every day.

Cracker Basket

This a small rectangular basket sized just right for a stack of crackers. It has a pair of hand carved end handles. This basket is also wonderful for pens and pencils for writers and artists.

Tea Basket

A rectangular basket hand woven of fine brown ash. The clean lines reflect the Shaker influence of its design. It is perfect for serving teas. And it also finds a home atop a dresser for holding small items.

Bread Basket

The square bottom framed by the circular rim sets up an beautiful contrast in the design of the bread basket. The square bottom to round top is found in some old Maine baskets. Handcrafted of Maine brown ash the bread basket has two hand carved side handles.

Muffin Basket

A round bottom to round top basket with two hand carved side handles and gently curved sides. The finely woven sun-burst bottom is slightly raised in the center for stability.

Italian Breadstick Basket

The Italian breadstick basket has gracefully curving sides forming an Grecian urn shaped basket. It was originally designed to hold thin, crisp Torinese style breadsticks.

French Bread Basket

The French bread basket is a long rectangular basket with elliptical rims. It is perfectly shaped to hold baguettes. It is also beautiful displaying fruits, flowers, and decorative bounty from fields and woodlands.