Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker

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Miniature Baskets


A collection of exquisite miniature baskets, these diminutive gems are beautiful show pieces of the basketmakers art.

The miniature baskets are all about one inch in width - approximately a 1:12 scale.

Each miniature is hand crafted in tiny detail, in the same way as the large baskets, using the tools and methods of the Maine woodsmen, Shakers and Native American basketmakers. The miniatures are woven of the very finest layers of the brown ash tree.

The miniatures make exquisite gifts when presented in a hand crafted dovetail box with personal inscription.

A collection of miniature baskets can be displayed in a hand crafted cabinet to show case and protect them.

They can also be worn as a pendant, and some of the designs are also hand woven in high karat gold and in silver as jewelry pieces.