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middle shelf: Nesting Set of Five Swing Handle Baskets

lower shelf: Serving Basket and Trays
bottom to top (in back of trowel): Sweetgrass Letter Tray; Bread Basket; Sweetgrass Notecard Tray; Sweetgrass Vantiy Tray; Tea Basket

Love Handles: The Charm of Funtional Decor

Among all the things she collected, Bunny Mellon had a particular affinity for baskets. Pedestrian ones were just as likely to get prime placement as 19th-century antiques at Oak Spring Farm, the sprawling Virginia estate she called home. Every basket reveals its utility anew each spring, when it can be plucked off a shelf and employed to carry the spoils of your garden or makings of an extravagant afternoon picnic.

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Love Handles
The Charm of Funtional Decor
April 2017