Stephen Zeh, Basketmaker

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Collector's Notes

“Buying a basket like this is like buying a painting. It is not for how much you can sell it down the road, it is for the joy it gives you in looking at it.”

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P., New York

“I have the pleasure of owning one of your lovely little tea baskets, which I use every day. I am a piano teacher, composer, and professional quilt maker who insists on balance, precision, and perfection in my own creative efforts, and I greatly admire the beauty of your handiwork.”

Ms. Sallie L., New Jersey

“The swing handle berry basket is magnificent; the delightful little kick-up was a wonderful surprise! It certainly is a significant (and beautiful) addition to my collection of works by contemporary artisans. I look forward to acquiring further of you creations.”

Mr. Donald F., Massachusetts

“The basket is, as I expected, very excellent ( my granddaughter's phrase to describe something indescribably wonderful).”

J. & S. P. - S., Virginia

“It is a bit of a struggle . . .  (to afford your baskets) . . .  but on my side it is worth it to have such beauties in my home.”

Ms. Edith. M., Maine

“I purchased two of your baskets at the Chatham Craft Fair. They are the Mercedes Rolls Royce of my collection.”

Ms. Hollie A., New York

“The nest of baskets is every bit as magnificent as I had hoped: smooth to the touch; symmetrical, balanced and beautiful to the eye. We look forward to using and displaying the baskets for many years! With thanks for your fine craftsmanship.”

Ms. Elizabeth P., New York

“Your baskets, which I sent a couple years back to a young bride, are still her prize possessions; I believe they are the only things in the house she dusts.”

Mrs. Joseph B., Pennsylvania

“The most recent start of five in the nest collection is truly outstanding. There really are not any words that can describe such extraordinary work. All that I have read about your work is truly understated. ... Ours are proudly displayed upon a Rhode Island 18th century tea table and are the envy of all who see them.”

Mr. Peter F., New Hampshire

“I am very well pleased with the pack basket I purchased from you. My pleasure in the basket is based upon its functionality and the intrinsic craftsmanship (Witness the bevel on both sides of the vertical members.)”

Mr. John B. L., Washington

“These are baskets at the beginning of their journey. When you look at a basket you think of the previous owners, the home, gardens, travel, the grandchildren. You see the marks of use. These are baskets that have their history yet to be made.”

Ms. Cease G., Illinois

“Thank you for the first rank baskets! Certainly worth waiting for.”

Mr. Malcolm K., New York

“Now that I have two lovely gems to look at, admire pridefully, and to touch, the mind and heart long for more.”

Ms. Edith M., Maine

“The combination of imagination & long practice - mind directing skillful hands - this kind of work is so rare now, & more often is advertised in debased artsy-craftsy forms (quilts which are merely pieced-work sewn on machine; pottery in tortuous & useless forms) ”

Mrs. George W. F., Maryland